Monday, February 7, 2011

First Night of Boot Camp...Check!

So we started our first night tonight.  Good job to all you ladies and thank you so much for coming!  A few things I would like to mention, that I didn't have the chance to tonight:

1.) Remember our theme: Everyone can do something easy, but not everyone can do something hard.  Choose to do the hard stuff.  Be the minority. Be different than everyone.

2.) Focus on your efforts, not your image.  Stop focusing on your image.  Stop focusing on how you look on the outside for now.  Especially when you're working out!  Don't think about how ridiculous you might look to everyone and how you probably look weak, or like you are struggling.  Just get in a zone and focus on what is best for you.  Once you start focusing on your efforts instead of your image, you'll begin to love your image more.

3.) Journal.  Please journal your progress.  If you want to do it privately in a notebook, or publicly on facebook; I don't care!  But don't just journal your weight loss,  journal your accomplishments in strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental capability.  If you couldn't do a single push-up at the beginning, but in two weeks you can... JOURNAL THAT MILESTONE!  If you couldn't run a mile because your mind told you it was too hard, but in 3 weeks you can because you ignored that quitter attitude... JOURNAL THAT MILESTONE!  I really want you to see your growth both mentally and physically.  If you stick with this, you will also see an attitude change in yourself, so journal it so you don't forget!

4.) Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!  Water, water, water!  You will have much better results if you are eating the right things!  I will give you a list of things to eat a lot of, and things to have very little of.  If you do not change your eating habits, you will not have the strength, and body that you want to have.

5.)  Commit and conquer!  Decide right now to finish the six weeks, come rain or shine.  Make the decision right now, that this is something you are going to do three times a week no matter what.  Excuses and reasons not to come need to not be an option.  Try to convince your mind that there is no decision, or option on whether or not you should exercise tonight.  Just go and do without thinking about it.

6.)  Do cardio on the no boot camp days!!  I can't stress this one enough.  You need to apply cardio in your life 5 days a week.  Go for a run, or whatever it takes to get your heart rate going for at least 20 minutes  on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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