Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last week of Boot Camp

So I just finished our last week of Boot Camp on Thursday and I have so many feelings about it...

What have I learned? What have I tried to help others learn? Well, here it is:

I have learned:

*In all honesty, I've learned that this is my passion. This is my forte.  I am good at creating workouts and at helping others become motivated.

*I have learned to be stronger and more accountable in my own health and lifestyle.

*I have learned that everyone is different.and not everyone actually wants to do hard things, and that I can't be depressed or disappointed in someone else's choice.

I have tried to help others learn:

*That your mind is not in charge of you; you are in charge of your mind.

*That the things you think you can't do; can be done.

*That when you put your mind to something, it becomes easier to accomplish.

*That at points in tough workouts, where you think you are "dying," remember: You are not "dying."  People with cancer in hospital beds are "dying."  What you are doing by pushing your body and exercising to your max; ... is LIVING!

Here is another blog post by one of my boot camp girls.  She had never run a single mile before she came into this.  On the fourth week I made her run a mile and she was beaming with pride because though it was hard, it was something she didn't think she was strong enough to do.  She proved herself wrong.  Then this last week I had a sprint/jog workout for her to do, but didn't tell her how far it was until the next day.  It was 2.25 miles.  She was pretty happy with herself, and I am too.  She couldn't do more than 2 or 3 push-ups when she started and now she can do a minimum of 10.  Way to go Jessica!  Here's what she had to say:

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Attitude to Have

Mindy Gledhill sets the perfect example in this song.  It's the perfect attitude to strive for.  It's not always easy to be optimistic and adventurous, but if you can ignite some inspiration and find a little motivation, you can do anything.

I love the lyrics...
"I'm gonna walk a hundred miles, I'm gonna whistle all the while, if that's what it takes to make me smile, i'm gonna walk a hundred miles. I'm gonna run right up this hill, summer sky or winter chill, if i need to take a break i will, but I'm gonna run right up this hill."