Monday, January 31, 2011

On a Physical Note, On a Mental Note

On a Physical Note:

When we make healthy goals, it is sometimes extreme of us to say, "NO EATING OUT."  Because, let's be honest, eating out happens.  Someone has a birthday party at a restaurant, all of your friends are going on a lunch date, you and the spouse want to go out... these things are inevitable.  So what can you do when these situations occur?  Surely, you don't want to miss out, and how do you know what really is healthy and what is just fooling you?  Here's how to be safe:  when going out get in the habit of ALWAYS ordering a water.  No soda, no lemonade, no powerade...JUST WATER.  That is rule number one.  Rule number two:  Never order anything that is fried, or has any "special sauce."  Special sauce is just code for mayonnaise and something else with sugar and fat.  Poultry and Fish are always good choices when they are not fried or glazed with butter.  Instead of ordering mashed potatoes for a side, order a salad, or vegetables.  Rule number three:  Easy on the cheese.  Things that are covered in cheese, or creamy cheese sauce, means fat, fat, fat!  Rule number four:  Say no to dessert!  A single dessert can hold as many calories as your entire meal had in it, so get in the habit of saying no to the sweets.  For now, stick to the four rules and you should be cutting calories already. But most importantly, remember that it is okay to have these things on occasion.  Of course we are not going to deprive ourselves of never having a piece of cheesecake, but if we can make the piece of cheesecake a rare treat, you are on the right track.  If you find that you are choosing the "good stuff" every time you eat out, you should consider trying to change your habits and stick to the four rules.

On a Mental Note:

Be thankful for the body that you have.  Though we may struggle with weight, or with our image, we must remember that we are cancer free, that we have all four limbs, that we are mentally capable of anything.  Show your gratitude for your body by keeping it healthy.  As I was running my 10k on Saturday, there was a huge moment on mile 5 and mile 6 that I wanted to quit and walk the rest of the way.  But along the way, their were posters with pictures of children who had cancer, that we were running for.  I saw a sweet picture of little London (who the run was dedicated to.)  She passed away a few years ago and as I gazed at that picture I thought to myself:  "At least I have a body that is capable of exercise," so I didn't want to quit when I knew my body was capable of continuing.  Our bodies are capable of more than we think.  We have capable bodies.  Consider your blessings and what you are grateful for in regards to your body.  What are things about your body that you are happy to have?  I for one, am thankful that my body is healthy enough to bare children.  I'm thankful that I don't have any disease, that the hardest thing about exercise for me is asthma and that my inhaler quickly cures that.  I'm thankful for a body that is whole, that I have all the body parts that I need to function properly.  What are you thankful for?  What is it that you love about your body?

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  1. i love that i too can bare children. (child)
    i love my stubborn desire to overcome any obstacle even if i need to seek help to get there.
    i love that i have a quick mind, and love to learn things, and then apply what i learn.