Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Healthy for a Day!

Just a health tip for everybody and anybody who is trying to motivate themselves to change the way they eat, or exercise:  Get past the first day.

If you can get past that first day, if you can eat healthy all day long, stay away from the sweets and do some sort of exercise, or activity; for one full day, it is much easier to keep going.  That first day is always so hard because you don't have a streak that you would be breaking if you cheated.  You think to yourself, "Well, I 'll just start tomorrow."  START TODAY!  It doesn't have to be a Monday, let it be a Wednesday, or a Thursday! No excuses.  Just start.  After that first day you'll feel proud and you'll want to keep your pattern going.  Try it out and see if on the second day, you are more excited than the first!

For those who eat for comfort or for fun, remember that food is for nourishing our bodies, not for making it weaker.  We have food to help us live, not to help us become so unhealthy that it causes our bodies to die, so choose your food wisely.  Look at the amount of calories in the things you are eating and look at the ingredients!

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