Monday, June 24, 2013

The Fight

Question:  Are you like me?  And what I mean is, are you like me in the fact that you are not blessed to be naturally skinny? Have you inherited the "gets chubby easily" gene?  If you eat too many carbs and sweets and don't work out, do you gain weight pretty quick?  If your answer is yes, well then... we are in the same boat.

Most of us who are over the age of 21, or who have had babies have to REALLY TRY HARD to be at their goal weight and size.  I just had a conversation with a couple of my friends the other night.  We have all just had babies and had shared our thoughts about how it doesn't seem fair that we give birth and sacrifice everything and our bodies come out a mangled mess.  The author Jen Hatmaker puts it best, "There were so many elements of parenting I was unaware of when I signed up for it.  In the earliest stage, my romantic notion of motherhood was hijacked by such delights as breast pumps, sitz baths, and hemorrhoids.  Everyone forgot to tell me I'd still look six months pregnant after I delivered and I'd need to wear diapers for three weeks.  I found it troublesome that my hair fell out in clumps and my nipples looked like ground beef."

Fluctuations and changes in our bodies can be depressing.  It's hard to put forth so much work to feel comfortable in our own skin.  Us women are wired to feel insecure and compare ourselves to the "skinny girl."

I have had my share of bad decisions, weak moments, binging, and laziness.  I have never let myself go out of control.  I vow to never be obese, but  I have never been that girl who eats whatever she wants, never exercises and still looks great.  I have to FIGHT FOR MY SKINNY!  Yes, it would be nice to be at my ideal weight and pant size without ever having to think about it or try, but I wouldn't be as mentally and physically smart or strong without the body I was BLESSED with.  This is the body I was given and I embrace it.  I want you to do the same.  Let's do our best with what we've been given. 

-Did you eat a whole bunch of junk this weekend and you know that it's gonna go straight to your butt if you don't do anything about it?... FIGHT FOR YOUR SKINNY, get a good workout in today and make good eating choices this week!

-Do you have a soda addiction and deep down you know that you would be healthier and probably thinner if you cut back?... FIGHT FOR YOUR SKINNY, try going one day just drinking water!

-Do you hate running and working out because you just feel weak, or insecure about where you are physically?... FIGHT FOR YOU SKINNY, start with something simple, go for a long walk or a quick 20 minute run.

It's attainable.  Sometimes it is NOT fun, but it IS attainable.  The other day this is what my workout looked like:

Was it interrupted 50 billion times by needy kids? Absolutely.  Did I regret my efforts and the fact that I finished it?  NO WAY.

Let's all FIGHT FOR OUR SKINNY. And I want to be clear that in this post, my definition of "skinny" is the body that is healthiest for you.  The body that you feel most secure and fit in.  The skinny you attain to be.  NOT the number on the scale.  Remember that you are like me AND tons of other women who feel the same way.  Let's motivate each other to FIGHT FOR OUR SKINNY, FIT AND HEALTHY BODIES! No matter what it takes.  I promise that you will NEVER regret your decision to try.  

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