Saturday, January 14, 2012

2 Weeks of Good Efforts!

I have ended my first two weeks of striving to eat much less meat/dairy.  Here are my thoughts so far:

I have done very well with not eating meat!  I have had meat twice in the last two weeks.  So going from twice a day, to once a week, is HUGE!  It's not too hard to not eat meat, but it is SO HARD to not eat dairy.  Dairy is in EVERYTHING!  For now, I am satisfied with being conscious of my meat/dairy intake.  And I am still being very strong in cutting back in all of it.  I'll admit, today I was at a wedding for a lot of the day so when everyone went to a burger restaurant,  I had a salad with ranch, but no chicken!  The ranch was the first dairy I have had in a few days, and I'll say, it was so yummy! :)  Tonight at the wedding reception they had delicious looking tacos!!  I held strong, I had a tortilla and some chips and salsa, no meat, no cheese.  I should also mention, that since January 1st I have tried to stay away from sweets.  I have been surprisingly really good at this!  I have been at bachelorette parties, birthday parties, weddings, and haven't touched a thing, but one night this month I did have a cupcake and one graham cracker (I'm confessing.)  But I think that is pretty good for two full weeks!  And here is what I want my readers to hear from me today:

It is hard to live in extremes.  So don't set yourself up for absolute perfection. It is hard to be perfect all the time.  Am I going to be a Vegan, or a Vegetarian? No way, because I know I will fail tremendously.  I am happy and satisfied with the fact that I am trying to live a healthier life style.  I am celebrating the fact that I am making major efforts to be healthy in my diet.  And I want any of you who are trying to accomplish goals right now, to be proud of yourselves too.  If you give in every now and then, its okay!  Just wake up in the morning and keep on going.  Don't let one little cupcake ruin all of your efforts.  You can eat that cupcake and then start fresh again the next day!  I believe in having a balance in all things.  I knew from the beginning that trying to eat whole foods, and plant based foods would be tough,and that I wouldn't be able to do it every single day, but I have enjoyed the efforts in doing it, and will continue week after week.  And you should too!
Keep on keeping on!  

You will feel great about yourself if you do.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder Colby! I often struggle with the thought that I already messed up today and just continue to eat junk that I shouldn't. I definitely need to keep working on balance in my life. Sounds like you have been doing a pretty good job! :) Keep it up!