Friday, January 27, 2012

Mostly Good

The month is almost over and well, I've been mostly good... :)  I've had some fails, but a ton of successes!  I've had something sweet only once a week, (4 times) which I'm very proud of.  I've been eating TONS of fruits and veggies.  Haven't had anything to drink except water all month.  I've worked out 5 days a week every week.  Yes, I've had some fatty foods every now and then, but for the most part I've been strong willed!  (Except for a specific time of the month... darn period.) And just like I tell my boot campers /readers; you have to brag and celebrate about your small successes!  Be proud of your one month of "mostly good" choices.

 This is a proud month for me.  I feel better about myself than ever before.  I'm more comfortable in my skin than I have been since before I had babies.  Why?  Well, I've said this before... when you start to love your habits, you start to love yourself.  When you are pursuing good habits, you may not be losing big numbers on the scale, but you are losing the guilt you subconsciously feel when you make bad health choices.  Stick with those New Year's resolutions.  Celebrate your "mostly good's" and do better next month.  The more you try, the stronger you become!

London's Run is tomorrow!  I'm anxious, nervous, excited... and ready to get it over with.  No, I'm not doing the half marathon.  You marathoners and half marathoners are amazing!  I admire you.   My next race is where I want to conquer a half and then hopefully a full marathon.  But for now, I am perfectly happy with perfecting my time this year and doing the 10k again.  This is one of my New Year's resolutions and I'm ready to tackle it!  Wish me luck!

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  1. You are awesome Colby! Good luck with your 10k. That is the perfect racing distance in my opinion! My only new years resolution is to make my buns look like that picture at the top of your blog. Hehe!